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Welcome to your local music studio! Rock for the People is for anybody who loves to play, write, record, perform, and listen to live music; all ages and all abilities. Our mission is to build an inclusive live music community by removing barriers for all could-be, would-be, have-to-be musicians (and their fans!) from historically underrepresented groups. Because there’s nothing more fun than playing in a band, and your life will be better for it. 

Our Programs

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Adaptive Sessions

We work with partners to provide access to music education and studio sessions to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Rock for the People believes in an integrative approach. Several of our clients are regularly seen and heard at festivals, open mics, and other events throughout the community.

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Community Events & Festivals

We host free community events such as open jams, open mics, and songwriting circles, open to people of all ages and abilities. We strive to make it as easy as possible for anyone to enrich their lives through music.

We also produce the Lafayette Music Fest to showcase the diversity of talent in the Colorado Music Scene.


Recording and Production

We partner with schools and organizations in the community to provide free or discounted education sessions and recording services to those who many not be able to afford it otherwise.

Our Partners

The End Lafayette

The End Lafayette is an intimate 75-person music venue located inside Dog House Music Studios. The End hosts multiple free community events every month, from open jams to songwriters' circles, which are open to all ages and abilities.

City of Lafayette, Colorado

Rock for the People has been awarded multiple grants from the City of Lafayette, Colorado's Arts and Cultural Resources Department. They are a driving force in promotion of equity in the arts, and we are forever grateful for their assistance and partnership.

Peak to Peak Charter School

Peak to Peak Charter School provides their students with the ability to learn about music theory and music production, and has partnered with studios to provide professional recording services to youth who may not be able to afford it otherwise.

ABLE Colorado

ABLE day programs provide a safe and positive environment for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to increase their opportunities for skill development, socialization, and overall activity level.

Imagine! Colorado

Imagine! provides services designed to incorporate people with developmental, cognitive, and physical challenges into the fabric of their communities. Services include educational and therapeutic services, job training and placement, recreation and leisure activities, opportunities for community living, behavioral health services, technology solutions, and support for families.

Dog House Music Studios

Dog House Music Studios, based in Lafayette, Colorado, offers an array of services for music rehearsal, recording, mixing and more. Dog House Music Studios serves as the home base for Rock for the People. Dog House Music Studios is a woman-owned enterprise.

Lafayette Music Fest

Produced by Rock for the People, the Lafayette Music Fest was started in 2022 to shine a light on the amazing music scene here in Colorado. To date, the festival has paid over 250 musicians a thriving wage for their performances, and the lineups have reflected the diverse cultural fabric of the community.

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